Trouble sleeping…

sae’s sketch book.

Here’s a random compilation of my sketches..I dont have a standard sketch book that i carry around with most of the time, I would grab hold of any ‘material- made- of- cellulose- pulp -derived -mainly- from- wood or- rags’ available..=0P I usually have the urge to pen away something whenever im feeling inspired, or when im too bored to be killing time without taking a visual memory of a still moment..On paper that is. So.. take a moment to indulge in this..hehe..

for chocolates..








liquid..hmm..only YOU know..




this one says sae..




literally means dung..




something spontaneous..




bombarded with music and lyrics..




Daniya, u started planting this idea in my head…You and ur peacock…




peacock again..




I sketched this while thinking about a dream i had




out of the blue..




for a gal pal..oh u Naughty gurl..=0P




one am in the morning..=0P




scribbling on a fashion spread..=0P



moment of deep thoughts.. 



All artwork is originally produced by Insaemniac/Sae.You
are hereby notified that any use, dissemination, distribution or
reproduction is strictly prohibited..


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