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New stuff…

hello beautiful..

Ive added two new illustrations! (Look under ‘Sae’s Digital Illustration’)..Ive managed to BUY some time to transform two of my tattoo-inspired sketches into digital illustrations…Thanks to my free time at work…at the pace that we’re going with now, im thinking…maybe ill do one each day..hmmm…needless to say, work is non inspirational =0)

I think that this time around, im more experimental with textures and colors…so..I consider my latest artwork as the new ‘BREED’…hehe…Okay..just take a look…


makan chocolate if ure stressed..=0P


Managed to dig up some old stuff…Look Under ‘Sae’s Digital Illustrations’! The only thing NEW is something called CHOCOLATES…been procrastinating on this for too long…finally completed..=0P (also check out my sketch book) My latest artwork is based on a sketch i did, which was inspired by Mr Panda himself..hehe..
Oh.. if youre good at figuring out cryptical puzzles..LOL..Theres something there which you can magically decipher..=0)

Thanks for killing your time’re all murderers! =0P

i say ello..