Trouble sleeping…

makan chocolate if ure stressed..=0P


Managed to dig up some old stuff…Look Under ‘Sae’s Digital Illustrations’! The only thing NEW is something called CHOCOLATES…been procrastinating on this for too long…finally completed..=0P (also check out my sketch book) My latest artwork is based on a sketch i did, which was inspired by Mr Panda himself..hehe..
Oh.. if youre good at figuring out cryptical puzzles..LOL..Theres something there which you can magically decipher..=0)

Thanks for killing your time’re all murderers! =0P


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  1. * Rofft says:

    Great work!!!! Syabas!! Man.. I wish I could design something like that..

    | Reply Posted 11 years, 8 months ago
  2. * SexyHornyBoy says:

    hey silly hunny bunny, hows life with chocolate and panda? i am so broed in singapore….i feel so sick and tired with life..tell me what should i do??? i wasnt allow to come back to malaysia…only much later…….sigh… the training is so tough and i have to go through exams and all…so sick of it…. wish me luck….but singapore is like New York but Asian version… sigh… nice font “SNEAKERS” if I read that correctly.. u take care and have fun… pls play SAFE… dont use condom but use GUNI…advise by Nadia….

    lv. Leong

    | Reply Posted 11 years, 7 months ago

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